Transferring the Tax Lien

Due to the passage of Senate Bill 585 by the General Assembly, tax liens are subject to transfer to private 3rd parties.

Investments in tax fifas and tax delinquent properties are speculative. Even after a tax sale, the property owner and second lien holder have certain rights, including the right of redemption. If you are unfamiliar with the law regarding fifa transfers and tax sale, you are encouraged to seek legal advice. These Instructions only briefly describe the process, and are not to be read or taken as legal advice. Neither Fulton County nor any official or employee of Fulton County, including, without being limited to, the Tax Commissioner and Sheriff, guarantees that any fifa will be satisfied or that any property will be purchased at sale. You are not guaranteed or promised that you will recover your investment or that you will recover any funds in excess of your investment.

If you need to transfer tax liens, download the FiFa Transfer Request Form.