Obtaining a Tax Fi.Fa.

How to Obtain a Paid, Satisfied, and Ordered Cancelled Tax Fi.Fa.

Upon payment in full of delinquent taxes where a tax Fi.fa (execution) has been issued and recorded on the Lien Book Index in the record of the

Clerk of Superior Court, action is required as follows:

For payments made by credit card, cash, or certified funds a release request may be processed in 2 business days.

For payments made by personal check, a release request may be processed in 21 business days from the date of the payment.

Tax lien release request may be made in person or by fax to 404-612-2703.

The Tax Commissioner processes the tax lien satisfaction with the Clerk of Superior Court. 

Release requests for tax liens transferred to 3rd parties must be processed by the 3rd party.