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The Fulton County Tax Commissioner is responsible for the collection of Property Taxes for Fulton County government, Fulton County and City of Atlanta Schools, the State of Georgia, and the cities of Atlanta, Mountain Park, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Chattahoochee Hills, and South Fulton. The Tax Commissioner also is responsible for collecting Motor Vehicle Ad Valorem Taxes, Tag and Title Fees, and Transfer Fees for all Fulton County citizens.

The Tax Commissioner employs a Chief Deputy Tax Commissioner, six Tax Administrators, and over 200 supporting employees. The office functions and duties can be defined by the six divisions within the office.

These divisions include:

Accounting Division  Matthew Buff, Tax Administrator

The Tax Commissioner's Office collects and distributes in excess of $1 billion dollars in tax revenues annually, including real and personal property taxes, motor vehicle taxes, mobile home taxes and business taxes. Taxes collected by this office approximate 75% of the total General Fund revenues for Fulton County. However, taxes collected by the office represent 20% of the revenue for the City of Atlanta.

The Accounting Division is responsible for reconciling and distributing collections to appropriate authorities. Other functions of this division include re-calculating tax liabilities based on resolved appeals and changes in property assessments and exemptions by the Tax Assessor's Office; processing returned checks; and issuing refunds.

AOO_Accounting Div  

Administration Division - Terry Noble, Tax Administrator

AOO_Administration Div

The Administration Division of the Tax Commissioner's Office oversees the operations of the entire Department. The Departmental budget is prepared and administered; Technical assistance is provided for other divisions; all payroll and all personnel functions are managed in Administration, as well as departmental purchasing and inventory functions. The Administration Division also oversees all training and professional development for the department, and provides administrative/clerical support for the entire Tax Commissioner's Office.

Motor Vehicles 

The Motor Vehicles Division, located in the Fulton County Government Center, provides convenient areas where property tax payments, both current and delinquent, as well as motor vehicle renewals and registrations, can be made in person. Payments are accepted in the form of cash, check, money order, or credit cards. All checks should be made payable to: Fulton County Tax Commissioner. No counter checks will be accepted. If your telephone number and/or correct mailing address are not printed on your check, please provide this information with your payment.

Payments for properties located in the City of Atlanta/Dekalb County must be submitted to Dekalb County Tax Commissioner. Payments to release Fi.fas and/or to pay recording intangible fees should be submitted to the Clerk of Superior Court.

The Motor Vehicle Division assists citizens with titling and registering motor vehicle equipment as mandated by law. The Motor Vehicle Division collects applicable ad valorem taxes, issues metal plates/decals, and registrations to automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, tractor trailers, motor homes, boat trailers, and mobile homes.

AOO_Motor Vehicle Div

Property Tax

The Property Tax Divisions are responsible for billing and collecting personal property and real estate taxes for Fulton County government, School Boards, the State of Georgia, and the cities of Atlanta, Mountain Park, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Chattahoochee Hills, and South Fulton. Personal property taxes refer to accounts with tangible assets, such as; inventory, equipment, boats, airplanes, furniture, etc. Real estate property accounts refer to parcels of land and structures (houses, office buildings, paved parking lots, fences, etc.).

Current Property Tax Division - Gladys Bradfield, Tax Administrator

Under Georgia Law, the Board of Tax Assessors determines the "Fair Market Value" of the property and then "Assesses" it at 40% for taxation purposes. This 40% value, less any applicable exemptions, is multiplied by the Millage rate to determine the tax liability of a given year. For information regarding exemptions, you may contact the Tax Assessor's Office at (404)224-0102.

The property tax bill is calculated based on the calendar year and issued to the owner of record as of January 1. Tax bills are not prorated. Property tax bills are normally mailed in July. City of Atlanta taxes are normally due August 15. Fulton County taxes are normally due October 15. Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve you of the responsibility to make payment by the due date.

If you feel your property value is not reflective of fair market value, you should file a Property Tax Return requesting a change in assessment between January 1 and April 1. For information on filing a return, please contact the Tax Assessor's Office at (404)224-0102. If your property presently is under appeal, you will receive a `Temporary Tax Bill' with a value set at the higher of the taxpayer return value or 85% of the proposed value by the Board of Tax Assessors. This bill must be paid by the due date in order to avoid interest, penalty, tax lien, and/or foreclosure. A refund and/or an adjusted bill will be provided after the appeal is settled.

Property tax records reflect the owner(s) of record as of January 1 of the specified year. The new owner's name will not appear as the property owner until January 1 following the year of purchase. If you are a new owner and would like to receive the bill during the year of purchase, send an address change request to the Tax Assessor's Office by logging onto www.fultonassessor.org and accessing SmartFile.  If your mortgage company is paying your tax bill, the mortgage company is responsible for obtaining their tax information directly from this office.

AOO_Current Property Tax

Delinquent Property Tax & Foreclosures - Terry Noble, Tax Administrator

AOO_Delinquent Property Tax

This division is responsible for the billing and collection of delinquent real estate and personal property taxes which remain unpaid after the current billing year. A variety of methods are utilized inclusive of sending tax bills and notices, issuing and recording tax executions, and by tax sale, either Non-Judicial Tax Sale or Judicial In Rem Tax Foreclosure Sale. First and foremost, Customer Service is the highest priority with emphasis on collecting the total amount due without taking the property to Tax Sale. The Delinquent Tax Division is also responsible for processing Land Bank Authority Actions, production of replacement "Alias" Fi.fa documents, providing information by phone or to walk-in customers, resolving tax issues internally or through research and coordination with other county, state, or federal offices or agencies.

All taxes remaining unpaid after the city and county due dates are delinquent and are subject to interest and penalties.  Additional fees and costs accrue as collection actions are taken. The Tax Commissioner mails 30-day late notices on all unpaid accounts and any taxes remaining unpaid at this time are subject to levy and foreclosure. 

Solid Waste Service

Since July 2003, the property tax division has been responsible for collecting Solid Waste Service fees for the City of Atlanta. City residents and property owners will receive a separate bill for this service. There will not be a quarterly billing for Solid Waste Service fees. Bills are normally mailed in July and will normally be due August 15. Bills and payments for years prior to 2003 will be handled by the City of Atlanta. For information concerning previous year bills and issues, please contact the City of Atlanta at (404)330-6270. For questions or concerns regarding fees billed after 2003, call (404) 613-6100.

Service Center Operations - Rodney Floyd, Tax Administrator

The primary function of the service centers is to consistently provide quality full service in all phases of ad valorem tax collection in North and South Fulton County by responding to the needs of each customer expeditiously. Each site is strategically placed in order to provide accessible service to residents within Fulton County boundaries.

Citizens visiting these sites will experience a professional and well-trained workforce.

AOO_Service Center Ops

Service Center locations

Full Service

North Service Center

7741 Roswell Rd.

South Service Center

5600 Stonewall Tell Rd.

Alpharetta Office

11575 Maxwell Road, Alpharetta

Greenbriar Mall Service Center

2841 Greenbriar Pkwy, Suite 124

Motor Vehicle Only

Harriet G. Darnell Multi-Purpose Center

677 Fairburn Road

Atlanta, GA

Dorothy Benson Center

6500 Vernon Wood Drive

Sandy Springs, GA

Helene S. Mills Multi-Purpose Center

515 John Wesley Dobbs Avenue NE

Atlanta, GA